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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016

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Hi, writer!

I don’t know who you are or which canon we matched on yet, but I’m already looking forward to reading whatever you come up with, whether it be fluffy shipfic or plotty post-canon theorizing or in-depth worldbuilding or a dark canon divergence AU or anything else you’re moved to write! My taste in fic is as varied as my taste in canons (I know the four I’ve requested this year aren’t incredibly similar), so it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll love whatever you produce.

Although I’ve tried to provide a variety of prompts, in the end those are just meant to help you out. There isn’t a specific fic of my heart I’m looking for, and I don’t expect you to follow my prompts to the letter – or even to follow them at all, if you have a completely different idea you’d like to try. I trust your judgment.

Feel free to treat all my character requests as “or” requests. If you’re working with an individual character prompt and the other requested character(s) won’t fit into the story, don’t worry about trying to shoehorn them in. I love all the characters I’ve requested, and am not gunning for a particular relationship or dynamic to the exclusion of all other options.


Brother Bear (Denahi, Tanana)
Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison (Doris, Mary-Anne)
East of Eden (Adam, Lee)
When Marnie Was There (Marnie, Anna)

  • gen
  • hurt/comfort
  • experimental, unconventional, or formulaic fic formats - five things, epistolary, narrative poetry, outsider POV, etc.
  • significant physical contact, even if it’s brief; characters breaking the touch barrier (+ cuddling)
  • comfortable, meaningful silence
  • strong platonic friendships, especially between women
  • complicated but ultimately positive family relationships, including found or adopted families
  • food!
  • wild animals, animal companions, animal psychology, the way humans relate to animals, the way animals relate to each other
  • offbeat domestic fic, for any value of “offbeat”
  • reconciliation of different worldviews
  • AUs of all kinds (canon divergence, groundhog day loops, rule 63, soulmate tattoos, space, daemons, everyone-is-a-bird...I love seeing different interpretations of how characters’ dynamics might be influenced by changes in the world around them)
  • repression
  • violence and conflict
  • intersections of myth and reality
  • normal people trying to go about everyday life in the face of some great looming problem
  • two people physically isolated from everyone else and having to deal with things together – on a similar note, stuck-in-a-blizzard-huddling-for-warmth and all its variants are very welcome
  • in porn: informal D/s, praise kink, body worship, rough sex, unconventional hotness, oral, hands, awkwardly realistic first times, awkward realism in general, xeno, dubcon 


  • non-canonical character death (conversely, anything dealing with canonical character death, even of a requested character, is more than welcome if you’re up for it)
  • issuefic
  • fixation on sexism, homophobia, or transphobia as one of the main themes of a fic; in a historical setting I’m okay with the acknowledgement of societal attitudes and how they might impact, say, the life of a visibly gender-nonconforming person or the development of a gay or lesbian relationship between characters, but I am not interested in continual angst over sexuality or gender identity, people being rejected by family/community because of their sexuality, gaybashing, or anything else of that nature
  • pregnancy as a major theme or focus
  • infidelity as a kink or as the primary focus of a story
  • unrequested crossovers
  • unrequested ship content (background mention of canon couples is okay)
  • character or ship bashing
  • …and if you go the porny route, please no underage, male dom/female sub, A/B/O, or “extreme” kinks (bestiality, vore, scat, etc.)


Brother Bear
Denahi, Tanana

Brother Bear is one of my favorite animated movies ever. The art is gorgeous (in addition to the scenery and colors, I love the character animation), the soundtrack is sublime, and everything carries the story beautifully. Though Kenai and Koda are great on their own, the cast of supporting characters has always really caught my attention too – they’re all interesting in their own right, from the moose to the bears to Kenai’s human family, which is why I’ve requested Denahi and Tanana this year! :D

Denahi doesn’t get a lot of focus in the movie, exactly, but he’s one of the most present characters, and I’m drawn to his motivations and development. His personality fades into the background at first between Sitka’s leadership and Kenai’s mischief, but he’s an interesting guy, clever and dorky and sincere in the way he tries to balance things and make the right choice. I’d love a story about his childhood with Kenai and Sitka, growing up as the middle sibling, maybe already feeling a pull toward his calling – or something set a little later, about his experience receiving his totem. Anything focusing on his relationship with his totem (the wolf of wisdom) would be super cool. It would also be interesting to see what he decides to do immediately following the end of the main storyline, too: we see the resolution of his relationship with Kenai, and we see where he eventually ends up, but what happens in between? His dynamic with Koda and bear!Kenai would be fun to see too.

Tanana is one of my favorite characters in the whole movie. I’d be happy with anything featuring her, and there’s so much to explore thanks to all her little character moments throughout the story! She’s wonderfully funny and snarky, but I’m equally drawn to the wisdom and compassion she shows to everyone in the tribe, and the way she manages to take everything in stride, blending practicality and spirituality. I can’t help but wonder if she may have been very similar in personality to Kenai when she was younger, and I’m curious about her totem and how it guided her too, especially in her training to become the shaman. I love the way she cares for the people of the tribe and would welcome a more laid-back story too about her daily life as she goes around dispensing guidance, healing, and common sense to the people who need them.

The relationship between Denahi and Tanana isn’t one that we see at all over the course of the movie, but I’ve always thought it was strongly hinted at by (what I read as) Denahi’s apparent succession of her role as spiritual leader at the beginning and end of the story. If you’d like to explore the potential there, I would adore a story about Denahi’s growth into something of a spiritual leader and keeper of wisdom, perhaps in response to the events of the main story. Maybe he and Tanana don’t realize at first that that’s the direction he’s meant to take, and are nudged toward it through trial and error. Maybe she wouldn’t provide him with direct spoonfed education, but rather vague guidance that ultimately turns out to be very useful. Maybe she doesn’t teach him at all, but is there to provide a listening ear and helpful advice after the main story has wrapped up, leaving one of his brothers dead and the other one permanently a bear. I’m just interested in seeing them interact.


Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison
Doris, Mary-Anne

I’ve loved this web series since it came out: the bite-sized structure of the episodes, Doris’ effusiveness and Mary-Anne’s stoicism and the hilarious contrast between them, the outrageous references to off-screen events, and the stunning (surprisingly heartwarming!) conclusion, plus the adventures hinted to follow by the official unofficial art. This is an incredibly fun canon, and the amount of serious characterization packed into the humor is astounding too. Part of me has always wished it was so much longer than it is; if you can capture even a small hint of the wonderful feeling of this canon in your fic, I will be over the moon.

Doris! Doris is excellent. She’s self-absorbed but in a dorky enough way that it just makes her more appealing, and I love how INTO her own ideas she is. I’d love fic about more of those incredible, improbable ideas, whether they come in the form of spiritualism or concrete inventions or plans to go running off to explore the world. In reference to canon events: Tell me about her “Miss Fist” tattoos! And her relationship with her mom, especially how parenting her must have been! What’s her life like outside of jail (before or after)? What does she normally do?

Mary-Anne is an amazing person; I love her as much as, if not more than, Doris. (They’re a package deal, so luckily I don’t have to decide.) Her increasingly expressive faces are fantastic and make me want to know what’s going on in her head when Doris launches into another one of her...whatever you even call what Doris does, especially the time Doris demonstrated her “feminine wiles” because those faces were incredible. I’d love to hear about Mary-Anne’s DARING ESCAPE if she decides to try and pull it off, and her life on the run – please keep the mood close to canon if you go with that, though, no longterm sadness or serious violence or risk of actual danger. An exploration of Mary-Anne’s life outside jail would also be lovely, especially of her family if they’re still living.

For fic involving the two of them: tell me about Doris’ foray into spirituality with Gangrok the Destructor, and how Mary-Anne reacts! Does she join in? Maintain her slightly exasperated confusion? Get even more into it than Doris does until a summoning gone wrong brings them both to their senses? Or tell me about Doris’ temporary pet rat. Maybe even write outsider POV fic from its point of view. Maybe Mary-Anne has a soft spot for animals and adopts it after Doris throws it away, and it breaks out with her! Any and all post-canon escapades are more than welcome, no matter how outlandish or down-to-earth. I would also love to read about Doris and Mary-Anne meeting up once Mary-Anne has gotten out and slowly falling for each other, or going on an awkward first date, or moving in together (if Doris’ mom gets fed up and kicks her out). Unrelated to any of my other prompts: I can’t shake the conviction that a gritty noir-esque AU for this canon would be equal parts awesome, compelling, and hilarious.

Although obviously I ship Doris/Mary-Anne like Fedex and would be delighted with get-together or established relationship fic for them as prompted above, I would be equally pleased with platonic interpretations of their relationship, especially if Mary-Anne gets an OC girlfriend! Doris attempting to give Mary-Anne what she thinks is good courtship advice would be amazing to read, so if you feel called to write that (with Mary-Anne/OC or Doris/Mary-Anne) PLEASE DO.


East of Eden
Adam Trask, Lee

I first read this book as part of my high school curriculum, and was surprised by how deeply I fell for it and how long I’ve stayed interested in it: the rich interwoven cast of characters, the at times almost anvilicious Biblical symbolism, the vivid prose and setting. This is one canon for which I’d be happy with fic about anybody or anything, and I had a lot of trouble paring down my prompts even for two characters because of how expansive the book manages to be. If for some reason you want to write about Abra or Samuel or Cathy or Olive Hamilton or an anthropomorphized version of the Salinas River instead of one of my two requested characters, feel free to – I’ll probably love it.

Lee is one of my favorite characters in any literary canon ever. I love his interest in reading and philosophy, his love of books, the slowly acquired wisdom that he carries and dispenses so realistically, and the rare occasions that he gets angry enough to take action. He’s such an interesting person. A story about the odd, painful circumstances of his childhood would be intriguing, as would a story that follows him as he grows up, forms his life philosophy, and decides what he wants to do and where he wants to go and how best to navigate his internal struggles with loss and self-doubt along with the external challenges of racism and the wrongness present in human nature. Later on, I adore his paternal relationships with Aron and Caleb and especially with Abra, once she’s in the picture. If you just wrote a few thousand words of Lee and Abra cooking and talking together I would be so perfectly content. I’d equally love something about Lee trying to manage everything when Aron and Caleb were babies after Adam developed depression and checked out of life: Lee running the house, Lee learning to parent twin infants, Lee teaching the kids Cantonese, just…any point in time in that ten-year time skip, with Lee overworking himself and being basically a single parent and forming those bonds with Aron and Caleb as they grow.

Adam is an incredibly intriguing person; even though he seems to fade further into the background as the story progresses, and is very much an unassuming personality, in many ways he’s the thread that ties everything together. I’d be interested in any fic that explores his relationship to any of his family members, as a lot of his journey is very tied up in odd issues with his family – at first, with his father and stepmother and brother, and then later on as he unwittingly replicates the same dynamic that hurt him so much with his own children. For him, I’m also interested in fic set during the ten-year time skip when Cal and Aron were young and he was (implied to be) struggling with depression. Surely he wasn’t out of the picture all the time. Something about the awkwardness and pain of connection there would be awesome.

I requested both Adam and Lee because I am and have always been wildly interested in the slow, quiet development of their relationship, from landowner and servant to child-raising partners (parents?) to friends to patient and caretaker. Anything exploring that dynamic would be gorgeous. At one point near the end of the book, Adam describes Lee as “a good friend” – I’m curious where the turning point was in his own mind, especially because of his tendency to be oblivious when it comes to his close personal relationships. It’s very touching, if bittersweet, how Lee essentially becomes Adam’s caretaker after Aron’s death, and fic focusing on that point in their lives would be welcome. You can go for ultimate angst if you like, too, and write full-on deathfic. Or something fluffy, about Lee’s cooking or his decision to abandon the bookstore dream in favor of love and family and how Adam felt about that, or something quiet and wordy and philosophical in the style of canon as they talk about the problem of evil or Cal having trouble in school or something else that seems to be of Great Importance.

It’s probably clear that I ship Adam/Lee, and I’d be thrilled beyond words with fic that took that approach to their relationship, but their canonically platonic friendship is also very dear to me. I won’t feel in any way let down if you keep it non-romantic, or focus on something other than their relationship.

Finally, I’m compelled to admit that this is possibly the one fandom in existence where I would be more than okay with nauseatingly fluffy domestic honest-to-god Christmas fic about the Trask + Lee (+ Abra?) family, preferably set when the children are around eight to twelve years old. So if holiday fic is the sort of thing you’re looking to write…


When Marnie Was There

Anna, Marnie

This movie is absolutely gorgeous – visually as well as thematically. I’ve been excited about it ever since the first trailer came out and my excitement hasn’t decreased through multiple watches and re-watches. Anna’s a believable, at times painfully relatable protagonist, and everyone she interacts with is equally realistic; it was difficult not requesting the entire cast of characters. I love how hopeful the ending is, even when it’s offset by the bittersweet conclusion of Marnie’s story.

Anna is a wonderful character and I love her dearly. The concept of being “on the outside” is described so simply and succinctly, but Anna’s struggle with her alienation and feelings of otherness is incredibly complex. I like that she doesn’t necessarily find her way “inside” by the end of the movie, at least not in a heavyhanded moralizing way, but rather makes peace with herself and her identity and begins to navigate her life in the way she wants to without giving up who she is. Anything exploring her feelings about her perceived outsider status, pre- or post-canon would be excellent. I love love love her friendship with Sayaka and the way they fit together despite the differences in their personalities, and her conversations with Hisako (I’d like fic about them getting to draw together again someday!). Her relationship with Yoriko is also intriguing, and I’m glad it was handled in such a balanced way; I would like to see them making their way forward after the movie’s end, as Anna finds the security in family that her mother and grandmother were never able to have.

This is Anna’s story, but Marnie is one of the most important players besides her; what really intrigues me about Marnie are the things we’re told about, but don’t get to see in-depth. I would love to be inside Marnie’s head, particularly because in a way she has all the explanations. How much does the Marnie who Anna meets know? Is she a ghost, a memory, or a child who similarly came unstuck in time? It’s never made completely clear, though she does appear to know more than she lets on. I’m also interested in seeing a deeper exploration of Marnie’s issues, her alienation from her parents and the outside world and the abuse and neglect from Nan and the maids, which weren’t dwelt on as much as Anna’s struggle – understandably so, but Marnie’s equally complex and sympathetic, and I would be interested in seeing how her unpleasant upbringing influenced who she became as a person. I’d also like to see a take on how she and Hisako met and became close enough friends or acquaintances for Hisako to know all those details about her personal life.

Marnie and Anna’s friendship is so enchanting and wonderful. And more than a little eerie at times, which is also good. I’m open to any kind of fluffy happy missing moments, exploring the woods or the lake, more picnics, getting caught in an unexpected rain shower, picking flowers, practice dancing… Heavier stuff would be welcome too, especially fic that really engages with the sheer creepiness of Anna’s dreams and Marnie’s appearance. A darker AU would be great, where the time travel/disturbing dreams/reality-blurring aspects of the movie get played with – the scene in the silo where Marnie repeatedly conflates Anna and Kazuhiko has all kinds of potential for scariness, and weirded me out the most in terms of trying to figure out what is actually going on. I am also fond of interpretations where somehow this is all happening in one of their minds, whether it’s Anna subconsciously remembering her grandmother’s stories and using them to work through her issues, or sad older Marnie coming to the realization that she won’t be able to give her granddaughter the love and security she needs, and wishing that she could.

Given the nature of the reveal near the movie’s end, this is kind of a weird area to navigate in a letter, but please don’t hesitate to write Anna and Marnie’s relationship (or Anna’s feelings towards Marnie) as romantically charged if that’s how you interpreted them. Even besides the whole mistaking-Anna-for-Kazuhiko thing in the climax, and the dancing, I’ve always gotten a strong “first crush” vibe from Anna’s behavior pre-reveal – I absolutely adored the hugs and the rowing lesson and the significant hand touches – and would not be averse to hints of that being added into her characterization. Additionally, I’m open to romantic Marnie/Hisako and Anna/Sayaka, and don’t mind mentions of Marnie/Kazuhiko.