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Chocolate Box 2017

Hi, creator!

I'm already looking forward to whatever you write or draw. Hopefully these prompts will be helpful and give you some idea of what I like about the relationships I've requested, but if you have an idea that's not listed here feel free to go with it! A lot of my enjoyment of exchanges, and fanworks in general, comes from seeing different people's interpretations of the characters and relationship dynamics we both love.

For romantic pairings I enjoy subtle gen-flavored shipfic and pre-shippy material as much as explicit porn, and everything in between is excellent too - I'm not particularly fussed about seeing a certain "level" of conventional romantic feeling or behavior from my / ship requests, which is part of the reason I've lumped & and / ships together for pairings where I've requested both. Similarly, I don't have a preference for humor vs. fluff vs. angst/darkness vs. ambivalent complicated weirdness, and intentionally tried to prompt situations that could be interpreted from multiple emotional standpoints. I'm okay with receiving unhappy stuff for this exchange as long as it isn't totally bleak.

I am Koraki on AO3 and kkoraki on tumblr.

  • hurt/comfort
  • significant physical contact, even if it's brief
  • characters breaking the touch barrier
  • comfortable/meaningful silence
  • strong platonic friendships, especially between women
  • wild animals, animal companions, animal psychology, the way humans relate to animals, the way animals relate to each other
  • complicated but ultimately positive family relationships, including found or adopted families
  • interesting OCs, whether as one-off quirky background characters or major players in the plot (or POV characters!)
  • offbeat domestic fic
  • cooking and eating food
  • reconciliation of different worldviews
  • religious imagery and symbolism
  • repression (of emotions, beliefs, feelings, sexuality, etc.)
  • pining
  • touch starvation
  • UST, whether resolved or not
  • violence and conflict
  • uneven/complex power differentials
  • intersections of myth and reality
  • two people physically isolated from everyone else and having to deal with things together
  • AUs of all kinds (canon divergence, groundhog day loops, daemons, rule 63 (of the always-a-[different gender] variety), soulmate tattooes, everyone-is-a-bird, etc.)
  • all the typical tropey stuff like sharing a bed, huddling for warmth, cute first kisses/first times, will they/won't they, accidental baby acquisition, pretending to be a couple, mistaken for a couple... all of it
  • in porn: informal D/s, kissing, praise kink, body worship, rough sex, breathplay, marking, unconventional hotness, oral, hands and wrists, awkwardly realistic first times, awkward realism in general, xeno, dubcon 
Art likes: oh gosh, all kinds of things. I generally prefer art that's stylized - whether in your own original style or another artist's style - to realism, and am not a huge fan of hyperrealism. I love loose expressive sketches and experimentation with color and lighting used to interesting effect, and am as much a fan of environment and setting drawings as I am of figure/character drawings. I like art with a strong sense of character and movement, and care more about that than technical accuracy or proficiency. This is my reblogged fanart tag on tumblr, if it's helpful! 

Fic format likes: I don't have a strong preference for first/second/third person POV, and any tense is fine. In addition to straightforward short stories and ficlets, which are great, I also like experimental, unconventional, or formulaic formats. Things like five-plus-one fic, nonlinear narratives, epistolary fic, narrative poetry, outsider POV, drabble sets, and so forth are right up my alley.

  • non-canonical character death
  • fixation on sexism, homophobia, or transphobia as one of the main themes of a fic
  • genderswapping m/m or f/f couples to m/f
  • pregnancy as a major theme or focus
  • infidelity as a kink or major focus (for requested ships that conflict with canon ones, I prefer AUs where the canon ship never got together or the assumption of an open relationship)
  • unrequested crossovers
  • unrequested ship content
  • in porn: underage sexual content*, maledom/femsub, A/B/O, bestiality, vore, scat
*aging up is okay, and for romance and implied/offscreen sex involving teenagers I don't really care how old they are

Requested fandoms:
Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out of Prison (Doris/Mary-Anne)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood & Manga) (Maria Ross/Rose Thomas, Mei Chang & Xiao Mei, Mei Chang & Scar, Mei Chang/Lan Fan, Olivier Armstrong/Briggs Doctor, Pinako Rockbell & Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye & Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye/Winry Rockbell, Scar & Scar's Brother, Tim Marcoh/Scar)
Moana (Heihei & Pua & Moana Waialiki, Moana Waialiki & Tala Waialiki, Te Fiti & Moana Waialiki, Te Fiti/Moana Waialiki)
Steven Universe (Alexandrite/Malachite, Amethyst & Garnet & Pearl & Steven Universe, Amethyst/Pearl, Connie Maheswaran & Pearl, Garnet & Pearl, Garnet/Pearl, Ruby/Sapphire)
Voltron: Legendary Defender (Alfor/Coran, Allura & Coran, Allura/Pidge, Hunk & Pidge)

Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out of Prison (fanfic or fanart)
Doris/Mary-Anne: I love the dynamic that these gals have together! There could never be enough fanwork about them. What's your take on their post-canon adventures after Mary-Anne gets out? What does Mary-Anne think about Doris, and how does her opinion change and develop over the course of their relationship? Show me Mary-Anne's DARING ESCAPE, or what Doris' mom thinks of her, or Doris trying to give Mary-Anne what she thinks is good courtship advice (maybe without realizing that Mary-Anne has become interested in her). I would also love accidental baby acquisition fic or art for these two, especially if the baby they accidentally summon acquire is baby Lord Gangrok.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga (fanfic only)
Maria Ross/Rose Thomas: This is one of my favorite ships in theory! Even though Rose and Maria never meet in canon I'd love to see what might happen if they did later on - they're both resilient young women who endured a lot and came out on the other side still fighting for hope and justice. Do they meet by chance - Maria being transferred to Liore, Rose coming to Central - or are they introduced by a mutual acquaintance? How do their personalities interact, and how do their complex pasts affect those interactions? I imagine Rose admires Maria's straightforwardness and commitment to bravery and justice, while Maria is drawn to Rose's compassion, endurance, and quiet strength. Who falls first? Who makes the first move? Does everything fall adorably and smoothly into place or is it an awkward comedy of errors? How do the ways they show affection differ?

Mei Chan | May Chang & Xiao Mei: I really love Mei and her little sister the panda! For these two, a story taking place at any point in the timeline would be wonderful - how it was for them growing up together in the Chang clan pre-canon, what crossing the desert together was like, how Xiao Mei handled the Briggs winter at first (were the two of them used to those weather conditions, or were they new to them?), and how they settle into life in Xing again with Ling as the emperor after all their experiences together. Anything about their shared or dissenting opinions of the people they meet along the way (Alphonse, Edward, Yoki, Scar...) would be great too. Also, I would love to know how Xiao Mei learned to use chopsticks and drink out of a cup.

Mei Chan | May Chang & Scar: The oddly charming intergenerational partnership/friendship that develops between Mei and Scar makes me really happy! I like the quiet implication of parallels between their struggles, and the ways in which they're similar - they're both fighting alone to save groups of people who mean very much to them, they're both driven by love for their families, they're loyal and protective and fond of small animals and ruthless in a fight. For stories set during canon, I'd love anything set during the Briggs arc: Foraging for food! Building a fire! Xiao Mei disappears/goes running off and they both go after her! Talking about alkahestry vs. alchemy vs. Scar's brother's research. Mei squeeing about her crush on Al and Scar not knowing how to respond. Spending time with people at the Ishvalan settlement. Mei being curious about Scar's brother. Or, for post-canon fic: Mei and Scar keep in touch by writing to each other. Once the railroad is complete Mei goes to visit Scar in Ishval, or Scar comes to visit Mei in Xing.

Mei Chan | May Chang/Lan Fan:
The rivalry-to-respect dynamic in this relationship is so great! I'm mostly interested in post-canon fic about Mei and Lan Fan, since it's only at the end that they become able to actually interact without, uh, trying to kill each other. What if they run into bandits or other trouble on their way back through the desert to Xing? What if there's a sandstorm or other handwavey plot device and they get separated from Ling and their supplies? What does Lan Fan think about Xiao Mei? What was she brought up to think about the Chang clan (and what are Mei's preconceptions about the Yao clan and their servants)? Does Mei try talking to Lan Fan about Fuu, in an attempt to help her grieve her loss? Once they've reached Xing, I'd love to see them keeping on top of court politics and foiling assassination attempts together. I'd also like to see them on some kind of covert mission together. They'd probably develop some excellent competitive frenemy-flavored banter. Or show them relaxing and healing together after a battle/mission/long boring party.

Olivier Armstrong/Briggs Doctor: This is yet another awesome-in-theory ship! I'm really curious how Olivier might interact with the Briggs doctor (the female one with the cool glasses, great hair, and overpriced coffee), and would love to see them in a relationship - whether that relationship is somewhat clandestine or more of a Briggs open secret, whether it's an FWB thing or a UST thing or an oddly courteous romance thing or a FWBs-catching-feelings thing... you get the idea. If we matched on this or you're interested in treating it I'd love to see your take on how this ship might happen, between Olivier's cold pragmatism and the doctor's practical nonchalance. (If first names come up I usually refer to the Briggs doctor as Patricia, but if you're attached to a different name go ahead and use that!)

Pinako Rockbell & Winry Rockbell: The Rockbell women are so wonderful! I would love anything that explores Winry and Pinako's relationship, whether you focus more on the loving grandmother/granddaughter familial bonds between them or the efficient, friendly teacher/student dynamic that they have going on with their automail business. Prompts: What if Pinako was the person who got Den for Winry? When did Winry first develop an interest in automail, and when did Pinako realize and begin training her? How did both of them grieve and manage to go on after Urey and Sarah died? What were the challenges of raising Winry as a single (grand)parent? In one of the flashbacks we see Winry sleeping in school - was there ever any backlash for her giftedness and lack of interest there, and if so how did Pinako handle that? It would also be fun to see Pinako telling Winry stories about Rush Valley (or vice versa, Winry coming back home and talking about the people she met there and the experiences she had).

Riza Hawkeye & Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye/Winry Rockbell: I really wish Riza and Winry had gotten more time to interact onscreen, and I'd honestly be happy with anything that lets them spend some time together, especially post-canon or in an AU. Some prompts: Conflicting and complicated ideas about family and heritage - how would Riza explain her past and the evidence of it to Winry? How does what happened to Winry's parents and her dislike of the military and war impact a developing friendship or relationship with Riza? On the fluffier side: Winry comes to Central on her own and Riza shows her around (as a date, or not)! Riza's interest in guns mirroring Winry's fascination with automail. They're both dog people so I'd love to see how Riza likes Den and what Winry thinks of Hayate. Soulmark AU! Role reversal AU where Winry is the surprisingly young state alchemist who performed human transmutation to try and get her parents back (Riza could be in her canon role or also have her role switched with Roy's)!

Scar & Scar's Brother:
Though it's difficult to choose just one favorite sibling relationship in this fandom, if I had to I'd pick Scar and his brother. Everything that we get to see of their relationship is really compelling - as adults, when we see them, they've developed different worldviews that lead to deep disagreement, but there's always an awareness of a much deeper respect and love and closeness in their relationship and in Scar's memories of his brother. I would love to see how that deep bond developed and held fast throughout their lives. What was life like for them, growing up when and where they did? Neither of them seems very prone to mischief, but who was more likely to get in trouble? Did Scarbro share Scar's love for cats (or was he horribly terribly allergic)? When did Scar decide to become a priest, and what was his brother's input/reaction?

Tim Marcoh/Scar:
I am intrigued by the dark, painful place where Scar and Marcoh's relationship began and the quietly hopeful place where itheyended up - not so much a place of forgiveness as one of acceptance and reconciliation and resolution to do better, together. Fic exploring either of those dynamics or the slow uncertain transformation of one into the other would be wonderful. During canon: What are the first few days on the road like after they've split off from the others? Who does the cooking? Who do they meet on their travels, and how does it affect them? What if Scar gets sick or injured unexpectedly, and Marcoh has to look after him (or the other way around)? Does Marcoh ever find out about Scar's love of cats? Do they ever talk about Scar's brother, or his family, or Marcoh's town? Post-canon: Finding their places in the restoration of Ishval. Balancing guilt and suffering with hope. Oh-no-there-is-only-one-[tent/room/bed].

Moana (fanfic only)
Heihei & Pua & Moana Waialiki: I really liked Moana's pets! Heihei is cluelessly adorable and Pua seems very sweet too, though we didn't get to see as much of him. I'd enjoy a story about their shenanigans - Heihei doing his thing and inadvertently causing some kind of chaos, Pua escaping the threat of becoming dinner once and for all, Moana trying to teach Pua to swim - or about how Moana found and grew attached to them in the first place. Was either one of them a gift? Did she raise them, or meet them after they were babies? Is there any sibling rivalry between them? How do they deal with voyaging life?

Moana Waialiki & Tala Waialiki: This was hands-down my favorite relationship in the entire movie! I love the way Tala stays true to herself and encourages Moana to do the same, and the way she embraces her role as the village "crazy lady" and remains Moana's guide even when Moana doubts herself. I'd love a story about Tala and Moana as a child - storytelling, adventures, playfulness, feeding fish - or about Moana continuing to seek guidance from her grandmother's spirit and wisdom through the years as she grows older and takes on the role of a leader. Maybe schools of rays escort Moana's ships whenever she travels and she begins feeding them too.

Te Fiti & Moana Waialiki, Te Fiti/Moana Waialiki: For the few minutes of actual interaction Moana and Te Fiti had, their relationship grabbed me instantly. I'd love to see them sharing more time together, whether post-canon with Moana visiting Te Fiti or Te Fiti visiting Moana in dreams, or in some kind of AU with Moana in Maui's place (in the past) or Te Fiti in Maui's place (in the present). I would love to know what Te Fiti thinks of Moana, what her first impression was, how she changes once her heart has been restored and what that restoration felt like. More explicitly religious-tinged fic with Moana and the villagers honoring Te Fiti and telling new stories about her would also be interesting.

Steven Universe (fanfic and fanart)
Alexandrite/Malachite: This is sort of a crackship for me but also sort of not. I love the designs of both Malachite and Alexandrite and how big and powerful and distinctly alien they are, and how fierce and well-matched in a fight - I'm also interested by their unexplored potential, since Malachite is somewhat unstable every time we see her. What would interaction between a more stable Malachite and Alexandrite look like? On the crackier side, how might Malachite and Alexandrite meet in the dubiously-sort-of-canon high school AU (from the episode promos), and what do they do together? What would a Malachite/Alexandrite date night look like (in canon or an AU)? Of course if you want to stick strictly to canon I would be more than happy with angry xeno fightsex. 

Amethyst & Garnet & Pearl & Steven Universe: One of my favorite families in fiction! I would love any kind of fic or art about these four. What was raising baby/toddler Steven like? It would be fun to see each gem's individual style of endangering entertaining a human baby. Did they ever have to find a babysitter for him, or was Greg or one of them always around to do the job? How did everyone react the first time Steven got sick? Other ideas: A mission gone wrong (or horribly right)! Another attempt at Together Breakfast that presents its own problems (I would love to see Garnet and Amethyst trying to cook)! Team-building exercises! A day at the beach! How the Crystal Gems' different memories of Rose influence their interactions with Steven! If you want to include Connie, Greg, Lapis, and/or Peridot in the group, go ahead.

Amethyst/Pearl: The complexity of Pearl and Amethyst's relationship intrigues me - how they often bring out the most reactive, immature sides of each other, but at the same time share some very deep, personal sorrows. I loved their reconciliations in "Giant Woman" and "On the Run", and the quiet implication of growth from those experiences much later on, when they easily fuse into Opal to build the drill. For them I'd be equally delighted with light, silly rivalry - Amethyst getting on Pearl's nerves, Pearl being unnecessarily controlling and self-satisfied, both of them eventually coming to a better understanding and acceptance of each other - or heavier, more serious stuff. When was the first time they fused? How do they feel about fusion now? What was their relationship like directly after the loss of Rose?

Connie Maheswaran & Pearl: I really like both the respectful, mutually constructive aspect of Connie's training with Pearl and the more destructive, difficult emotions that tend to come up during it. I'd be interested in an exploration of the similarities and differences between the two of them. Is Connie Pearl's first human student? Has Pearl trained anyone else to fight before? How do the two of them interact with each other when they're not training? What does Connie think of Pearl? I'd love future fic or art of them both on a mission together (maybe with Steven), exploring how their experience training together plus the differences in their personalities and the techniques they favor might make them complement each other.

Garnet & Pearl, Garnet/Pearl: The history that these two have together is very compelling, and I'm intrigued by the way their relationship might have progressed to what we see now. The Sardonyx arc was one of my favorites on the show - a closer look at anything taking place during that time would be excellent, or, stemming from that conflict, an exploration of trust and the way it manifests itself in Garnet and Pearl's relationship and the interplay of their personalities. I'd also love to see: The first interactions between new!cottoncandy!Garnet and Terrifying Renegade Pearl (from either of their perspectives). Dealing with new responsibilities after Rose's death and working out the ways that life will have to change. Arguing about how best to take care of Steven (in a funny not-understanding-humanity way or a serious angsty way). The flipfloppy power dynamics between them, and how they support each other (or fail to do so). Dancing! Fusion! Anything taking place during or right after Maximum Capacity, with Pearl in her sweater and Garnet in the Cool Dad jacket!  

Ruby/Sapphire: This is such a great relationship! I love Ruby and Sapphire's shared backstory - The Answer is one of my favorite episodes - and the way their personalities complement each other. For them I'm equally open to mindless fluff, old-married-couple bickering, and darker shades of codependency. Tell me about their first few days on Earth alone with each other during The Answer, and Ruby's obvious awkwardness and Sapphire's more easily hidden uncertainty! What did they think of Rose and Pearl and the rebellion, and how did participating in the rebellion change their relationship? How is fusion different now for them than it was at first? When they're unfused, what do they like to do together? What would happen if they were unfused/unable to fuse in a dangerous situation?  

Voltron: Legendary Defender (fanfic and fanart)
Alfor/Coran: I love the potential in this relationship for deep dark angst, light sweet fluff, and impressive badassery. There's so much we don't know about Alfor, and Altea before the war, and what Coran was like then (or what he was like when he was younger). What was their relationship to the lions? The paladins? Was one of them ever a paladin at some point? How did they meet? Did Coran show his serious side around Alfor often, or was he even more likely to try to hide his own fears and misgivings as things turned bleak? I'd love to see Alfor seeking counsel from Coran, and them finding hope in each other. If you're more drawn to the canon timeline, angst over corrupted computer ghost Alfor is always good - or you could go for an AU where his memories survived the corruption and he's still around to talk.

Allura & Coran: Allura and Coran's unique situation as the last known survivors of a long-dead civilization really calls to me, as does their interesting, rather sweet relationship with each other. I love how deeply Coran cares for Allura, and how much she values his advice, and how they both respect and value each other. I would really enjoy a story about their relationship pre-canon, whether this means a slightly younger Coran figuring out how to wrangle toddler!Allura, or Coran entertaining Allura as a child, or an exploration of the way their relationship changed and deepened as Altea was plunged into war. I'm also interested in quiet moments during canon, and the way the two of them might struggle together with understanding and dealing with what's going on around them now, and their place in the new future world.

Allura/Pidge | Katie Holt: My favorite canon moments for these two were Allura's shocked "Pidge is a what?" and Pidge's "peanuts" babble upon being awkwardly confronted. I'd love to see that confused, mutually awkward, somewhat dorky dynamic replicated in shippy fic or art as Pidge and Allura learn more about each other. Also, how about... Allura's space mice interacting with Rover! Height differences! Weird alien biology, in a ~sexy~ way (tentacles? heats?) or a fluffy way (sensitive ears? Allura's facial markings glow when she's happy/embarrassed?) or a goofy way (idk maybe Allura has hidden gills or fins or vestigial wings or something)! Cultural differences! Working together on a mission to get out alive! An awkward first date in space! Side note: I generally use she/her pronouns for Pidge, but if you headcanon Pidge as nonbinary and want to use they/them pronouns I'm cool with that too.

Hunk & Pidge | Katie Holt: I love how nerdy Hunk and Pidge are together, and the caring and depth of their bro-ship. The scene where the gravity was turned off gave me life. I also love how they goof around, as in the green-goop food fight. I'd like to see them on a mission together in their lions, maybe having to work together to get out of a fraught situation. Or more friendshippy silliness, nerding out over new alien tech together. More food fights! Maybe they try to cook something together and it goes horribly wrong... or surprisingly right. I know Hunk's motion sickness was mostly a gag and seemed to magically go away on its own, but a story about Pidge trying to help him get over it would be fun, whether the attempt is successful or not.