Oct. 8th, 2016

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Hi, writer!

I don’t know who you are or which canon we matched on yet, but I’m already looking forward to reading whatever you come up with, whether it be fluffy shipfic or plotty post-canon theorizing or in-depth worldbuilding or a dark canon divergence AU or anything else you’re moved to write! My taste in fic is as varied as my taste in canons (I know the four I’ve requested this year aren’t incredibly similar), so it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll love whatever you produce.

Although I’ve tried to provide a variety of prompts, in the end those are just meant to help you out. There isn’t a specific fic of my heart I’m looking for, and I don’t expect you to follow my prompts to the letter – or even to follow them at all, if you have a completely different idea you’d like to try. I trust your judgment.

Feel free to treat all my character requests as “or” requests. If you’re working with an individual character prompt and the other requested character(s) won’t fit into the story, don’t worry about trying to shoehorn them in. I love all the characters I’ve requested, and am not gunning for a particular relationship or dynamic to the exclusion of all other options.


Brother Bear (Denahi, Tanana)
Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison (Doris, Mary-Anne)
East of Eden (Adam, Lee)
When Marnie Was There (Marnie, Anna)

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