Oct. 26th, 2015

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Hornblower – C.S. Forester

The Secret of Kells

Song of the Sea

Hi, writer!

I don’t know who you are or what we matched on yet, but I’m looking forward to reading whatever you come up with all the same. What I love most about all three canons I’ve nominated are their realistic-yet-original characters, the way those characters relate to each other, and the crafting of the world in which those interactions take place. I assume that since we’ve matched on one of those canons you feel the same way about it, which is awesome. 

At least for the fandoms I’m requesting this year, my interests are all over the place – there’s no one specific fic that I’m after. Ensemble fic and character studies and atmospheric gen and porny shipfic are equally fulfilling. Pointless sweet fluff is just as excellent as fucked-up soul-crushing darkfic. I’ve provided a couple of fic ideas for each fandom, but if you want to go a different direction (or take a prompt and run with it), don’t limit yourself! In that vein, too, please go ahead and treat any requested characters as “or” requests. This gets a little more specific depending on the fandom/characters, but if you decide on an idea that only involves one of the characters I requested or that would involve several characters I didn’t specifically request, you don’t have to try to limit the non-requested characters’ screen time or shoehorn in the other requested character(s). These are all fandoms of my heart and there’s nothing I wouldn’t enjoy receiving for them!

…that being said, I do have a few general likes/dislikes that apply across all fandoms, so here they are.



significant physical contact and characters breaking the touch barrier (+ cuddling)

strong platonic friendships, especially between women or men and women

complicated but ultimately positive family relationships, including found or adopted families


slightly offbeat domestic fic (for any value of “offbeat”)

reconciliation of different worldviews

AUs of all kinds (canon-divergence, groundhog day loops, modern, rule 63, soulmate tattoos, space, everyone-is-a-bird...I love seeing different interpretations of how characters’ dynamics might be influenced by changes in the world around them)

complicated slow-burn relationships

normal people trying to go about everyday life in the face of some huge conflict or problem

two people physically isolated from everyone else and having to deal with things together – on a similar note, stuck-in-a-blizzard-huddling-for-warmth and all its variants are very welcome


non-canonical character death (anything dealing with canonical character death is awesome, though)

infidelity as a kink or as the primary focus of a story – cheating in a relationship is okay, but I’d rather it not become a fixation

unrequested crossovers

character or ship bashing

…and in case you go the porny route, please no A/B/O or extreme kinks (bestiality, vore, scat, etc.)


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